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Preserved properties

South River Land

Preservation Group (SRLPG)

Finding a Balance Between
   Preservation and Development

Stanardsville, Virginia

Going green in Greene with green homes

Since 1999 the South River Land Preservation Group and its predecessor the South River Landowners Group have been involved with the preservation and protection of almost 2200 acres of rural and agricultural land in the scenic South River Valley area. In addition, the Group has created a model conservation development on 55 acres in the South River Valley, named Octonia Highlands after the historic Octonia Grant. This development offers the opportunity for 22 individual families to each build a home on a separate 2 to 4 acre estate building lot in a conservation minded development, offering green homes with high-efficiency green home designs, in the highly sought after South River Valley bordering the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. To date in this area, over 2000 acres have been protected, preserving the stunning views of the Blue Ridge Mountains and rural country side in perpetuity. AerialFairhillfromSouthRiverNNE

Consistent with the efforts of the South River Land Preservation Group to preserve and conserve the area and with the design of Octonia Highlands to be a conservation development, a green residential home design is being offered as noted above. A green home design makes both ecological and economical sense. Green home construction and design has proven that you can cut energy and water bills by as much as half (see Going green). The South River Land Preservation Group is very pleased to offer a certified green home design and construction for its Octonia Highlands development.

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FF Spring Lawn-Saddle BackAside from the conservation development which is part of the 190 acre Parrot Farm, featured preserved properties include the 142 acre Fairhill Farm, the 128 acre High Fields Farm, and the residual 135 acres, now named Octonia Highlands Farm, of the original Parrot Farm. A slide show of aerial photographs of these properties can be seen by clicking on the aerial photo of Fairhill Farm above.

Two cottages on Fairhill Farm and the farm house on High Fields Farm afford the opportunity for a family vacation or romantic getaway in the bucolic South River Valley through Fairhill Farm Country Vacation Rentals.