Octonia 1677

The Parrot Farm Project

South River Land

Preservation Group (SRLPG)

Finding a Balance Between
   Preservation and Development

Stanardsville, Virginia

Going green in Greene with green homes

The Parrot Farm was purchased in January 2006 by the then newly formed South River Land Preservation Group. The farm consists of 190 acres with majestic Blue Ridge Mountain views, including Saddle Back Mountain to the west and lovely views of Little Ledge Mountain to the South. An ever-running stream traverses the property with several smaller tributaries feeding into it offering tranquil settings with the soothing sound of streaming water. Approximately 120 acres are open land for grazing and haying with about 70 acres wooded, including magnificent stands of hardwoods.

  It was purchased from the Parrot estate in competition with developers from northern Virginia whose intention was to develop the properly for residential use as densely as possible. The South River Land Preservation Group, using its own capital, bid against the developers and IMG_1642ultimately prevailed but a a cost of paying 30 to 50% above market. The Group was and is determined to protect as much of the 190 acre estate as possible. The Group subsequently committed to developing approximately 55 areas in a model conservation residential development with 22 choice home sites of two to four acres nestled amongst conserved land. The conservation development is named Octonia Highlands after the historic Octonia Grant which comprised much of the land in the area, including the town of Stanardsville, Virginia. In keeping with the conservation objective, custom green homes on estate building lots with high-efficiency green home design and majestic Blue Ridge Mountain views are offered for the Octonia Highlands development.


The residual 135 acres remains open with the original homestead and dependencies and has been renamed Octonia Highlands Farm. The original farm house and the farm dependencies are circa 1920. Since its inception the farm has been used for cattle and hay production and remains so today. Since the time that the Group, with its well-known conservation interests, entered into a purchase contract to acquire the property, a number of the neighboring properties have been put under conservation easement thus protecting them from development

Octonia Fall07 Picture 010Subsequent to the South River Land Preservation Group purchasing the Parrot Farm, the Group successfully executed a purchase contract to acquire the Jacobs farm from the Jacobs estate in April 2006. the Jacobs farm consists of a 260 acre parcel north of the Parrot Farm on the opposite side of the South River. The Group settled on the property in 2007 and then sold the property to a conservation buyer who is now placing the property in a conservation easement. The South River Land Preservation Group and its predecessor, the South River Land Owners Group, are enormously pleased with efforts to date of all involved to protect and conserve the South river Valley area and in so doing preserve in perpetuity the rural and agricultural nature of the area with its magnificent vistas.