Going green in Greene with green homes

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Finding a Balance Between
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Stanardsville, Virginia

Going green in Greene with green homes

Octonia Highlands derives its name from the historic Octonia GrantIt is a carefully designed development which offers green homes with high-efficiency green home designs bordering the Blue Ridge Mountains near Charlottesville, Virginia. Six on the award winning green home designs as well as some of their green design features are listed below. Octonia Highlands is a model conservation development respectful of the rich history of the South River Valley area . It is situated in an area of hundreds of acres of open land protected by conservation easements which will preserve the truly unique and beautiful nature of the surrounding land which Spotswood was so awed by on his 1716 trek through the area and over the Blue Ridge Mountains. 

Consistent with the efforts of the South River Land Preservation Group to preserve and conserve the area and with the design of Octonia Highlands to be a conservation development, a green residential home design is being offered as noted above. A green home design makes both ecological and economical sense. Green construction and design has proven that you can cut energy and water bills by at least half. Earthcraft

Green buildings are really resource efficient buildings and are very energy efficient, utilize construction materials wisely -- including recycled, renewable, and reused resources to the maximum extent practical -- are designed, constructed and commissioned to ensure they are healthy for their occupants, are typically more comfortable and easier to live with due to lower operating and owning costs, and are good for the overall environment. A green building provides a much better product with a higher market value as has been proven in numerous studies conducted since 2001.

SRLPG is Earthcraft House member

A green home is more comfortable, keeps its resale value, has better indoor health, and is the environmentally friendly thing to do. When you build a green home, you have as much as a 60% lower impact on the environment compared to a conventional home. It's good for your pocketbook with as much as 70% lower utility bills; good for the local community through added jobs; it's good for your health...and your employer since healthy homes save on medical bills and sick-leave; and you live with the knowledge that you are helping the environment.

Future is GreenThousands of new green homes are being built across the nation. Green homes are here to stay; they represent the future. The designs, materials, techniques and builder skills are available now. And, new standards are being issued by professional societies, the housing industry, and numerous trade groups to help assure an energy efficient home and to help provide a cleaner environment.

The South River Land Preservation Group is very pleased to offer custom green homes, with a certified green home design and stunning views of the Blue Ridge Mountains, for its Octonia Highlands development ( near Charlottesville, Virginia. Some of their green design features are as follows:

Some of Green Features

    • All natural construction materials
    • Use of renewable or locally available building materials
    • Certified “air-tight” construction with net positive pressure differential
    • Separate humidification and air purification system
    • Ultra high-efficiency heating and air conditioning systems
    • Passive solar
    • Geothermal option
    • Radiant floor options
    • High-efficiency appliances
    • Green construction design and practices
    • Air-tight energy efficiency windows and doors
    • Environmental barrier isolating garage
    • At least 50% more energy efficient than convention construction
    • Ultra healthy living environment










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Six of the award winning green home designs offered are listed below (click on name to see design):

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