Fairhill Farm

South River Land

Preservation Group (SRLPG)

Finding a Balance Between
   Preservation and Development

Stanardsville, Virginia

Going green in Greene with green homes

Fairhill Farm is one of the first properties in the South River Valley and in Green County to be protected by a conservation easement. It was placed in a conservation easement in 1999. It consists of 142 acres nestled in the South River Valley overlooking the Blue Ridge Mountains and bordering on the South River. The original farm house dates to 1892 and was built by Eugene Sims Jarrell for him and his wife Martha Shelton Jarrell. Fairhill Farm’s dwellings include the original manor house with modern updates and additions; a modern barn, garage, carriage house complex; guest cottage; pool shed; office; potting shed and run-in shed.


The farm land is used for haying and grazing for Angus beef and miniature horses. There are over 40 acres of wooded land, principally on Jarrell Mountain named for the original owners. Sixteen areas of land, bordering the pond and numerous streams on the property, have been put in a Conservation Resource Enhancement Program (CREP), fenced off with nearly three miles of fencing and with over 2000 tress planted along the streams.


As an effort to share the unrivaled beauty of the South River Valley, the family that owns Fairhill Farm and High Fields Farm created Fairhill Farm Country Vacation Rentals. The carriage house (Carriage House Studio) and guest cottage (Carrie’s Cottage) on Fairhill Farm are offered as vacation rental properties through Fairhill Farm Country Vacation Rentals.